Our cooking


We process mainly products from local Czech farms.


We cook with top quality ingredients.


Perfect craftsmanship and great chefs.

With a smile

You can't do it without it, especially a tour place.

Filip Sajler, Head Chef and CEO

He put his heart into it

Filip Sajler is one of the most famous Czech chefs thanks to his successful show Kluci v Akci (Boys in Action). He has worked in top restaurants and catering companies in the USA, Germany, Singapore and the Czech Republic. He has undertaken internships and apprenticeships with renowned and Michelin-star chefs such as Yannick Alléno, Armand Arnand and Norbert Niederkopfler. He was a member of the AKC Czech National Chef Team. He has won numerous culinary awards, such as, FHA Culinary Cup Singapore, IGEHO Stuttgart, ScotHot Glasgow, World Culinary Championship Basil, including a trophy from the Culinary Olympics in Erfurt. He has organised catering and cooked for prominent politicians; European prime ministers and European leaders during the Czech EU Presidency in Brussels. He has also cooked for show business stars such as Madonna, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen and many others. Filip Sajler is currently the founder & CEO of Perfect Canteen & Perfect Catering, and the Cibule. division, which are now part of the Hopi Holding. From his position he is actively involved in the management of the company and sets the direction of its further development.

Martin Staněk

Creative chef

Represents our country at international competitions with the National Team of Chefs and Pastry Chefs of the Czech Republic and has already won numerous awards. He has undertaken internships with the renowned Michelin-star chef Yannick Allé and has worked professionally in Germany for a long time. He enjoys inspiring and passing on his culinary skills within the prestigious Gourmet Academy and also shares his experience and love of the craft within the Culinary Arts training programme for promising culinary talents.

Food quality

Thanks to modern technology, we can prepare our meals using the most gentle methods. We use low-temperature processing or vacuum cooking to preserve as much flavour and nutrients as possible. After cooking, we shock-cool the food to keep the quality as high as possible. This way the cellular structure of the raw ingredients is not desrupted and the food is conserved as gently as possible. Everything is packaged using technology that guarantees freshness for everyday enjoyment of delicious food.

Finished dishes are sent to a certified laboratory for a microbiological testing so that we can safely guarantee their shelf life. We package all our products in a protective atmosphere and in fully recyclable materials.